Micro sites

Micro sites were used for new campaigns that introduced new products to the market. At ASUS, the design team created a micro site template in order for the project manager, designer, and developer to be consistent with information architecture, brand, and content from project to project.


PCs Fit for Your Family


Vivobook Series


Landing Pages

I designed and developed landing pages for new released products and campaigns. Templates were also used to create the strong foundation of IA. Styling can vary from corporate to theme of campaign, depending on team bandwidth.


Magazine Ads

Depending on magazine and campaigns at the time, designers also created magazine advertisements  for national publications such as Wired, Maximum PC, Spirit Southwest, etc.


Miscellaneous Projects

Other projects shown were product pamphlets/handouts, packaging graphics, event signage, and brand stores that were implemented on e-tailers such as TigerDirect and Newegg.